Friday, 27 March 2015

Wreck This Journal

If you don't know what the Wreck This Journal is, then it is a book with various prompts on each page. It's a chance to find your creativity and well, wreck the pages of the book.

I think my creativity has been a bit stifled lately. I have a normal everyday job in an office which doesn't allow me show my artistic side. I thought something like this would be perfect to work on some mini daily projects that I can fit around my schedule. I actually bought the book over a year a go but it's only recently I've taken its seriously.

I wanted to share some of my initial pages with you. Some of these are actually still work-in-progress,but they are getting there. I think I'm already realising that I like to put colour onto my work!

Have you started the 'Wreck This Journal'?

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