Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Accessory haul

Recently I seemed to have spent some time looking over cute accessories. There have been so many that have caught my eye, that inevitably, I've found it hard to resist. I actually don't own that many accessories. I am one of those people that when I have found something I like I will wear it constantly until I wear it out. I finally thought it was time to shake it up and buy a couple more pieces.

I'm really loving the jacket earring trend at the moment (I might be a little bit behind on it), and these ones from River Island (here) were just what I was looking for.The little flowers on these ones were too cute to pass up, and it very affordable. So far, these are my only pair on jacket earrings, so I really want to get more.

When I saw them, I felt like the knot bracelet and the origami earrings were very me. In particular I love making origami animals, and so as the earrings (here) reminded me of an afternoon I once spent folding butterflies, that they were hard to pass up. It helped they were on sale too! They're a little bigger than I would have liked, but they're so pretty that I can let it go. In contrast the bracelet (here) is much daintier, but I love the way it looks. It's really great for work, as it's quite a subtle piece.

Lastly, I bought two head scarves from ASOS (here). I have short hair, and there's not many ways I can style it, so I'm trying to jazz it up with some hair accessories.These came as a pair; one black, and one with a very cool popcorn print on, It's safe to say I'm a sucker for cute print.

What are your favourite accessories?

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