Wednesday, 18 March 2015

5 happy things; Spring

It's not quite spring yet, but just knowing it's on its way makes me very happy. I do like winter but the dark days and cold nights can make me lose motivation, and all I want to do is curl up in my pyjamas with a hot drink.

But now we are heading into spring I wanted to celebrate five things I am looking forward for the coming months.

1// Longer evenings - This month the clocks go forward, which means it will begin to get dark later. There is nothing better than knowing when you leave work in an evening, it will still be light. It means I can open my curtains in a morning! I can also take up more activities. Maybe it'll encourage me to finally take up running in an evening.

2// Warmer days - With the longer days, comes warmer weather. Already we have seen a little bit of sunlight. Warmer days means it's finally time to wear less layers. Out goes the bulky winter coat, and in come cute jackets. Warmer weather also means I can venture outside more. I like to go on more adventures when it's warmer. Already I have a trip to a theme park planned for next month.

3// Flowers and blossoms - In spring the world just seems to come alive. One day all the trees are bare; the next they're covered in buds ready to bloom. Blossoms are one of my favourite things about spring. It is just so pretty. I also like to buy more fresh flowers when it comes to springtime. In fact, I already have a vase of chrysanthemums sitting on my windowsill.

4 //Wear brighter colours - For me, spring means it's time to start pulling out my brighter t-shirts and dresses to wear. In fact, including any colour at all is a leap for me. I always find adding colour to a look really brightens my mood. And that's not just colour in clothes, adding a brighter shade to my make-up really helps.

5// Summer is just around the corner - Finally, the best thing about spring is that it means that summer is on its way.

What are your favourite things about spring?


  1. I'm so ready for spring to come. The longer days and more mild weather is so lovely.
    Casey / Atopsyturvyblog

    1. I am so excited for spring! I think it is just nice to be able to wake up when it's light.




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