Sunday, 11 May 2014

Ciate Dolls House Collection

Scouring around ASOS one day I came across this; Ciate Dolls House Nail Polish Collection. It wouldn't be unfair to say that I can be a sucker for packaging and this one just looked too cute to pass up. Luckily the colours are gorgeous for spring. It comes in 5 mini bottles, which is just right for one on each nail of a hand. The varnishes have very cute names which ties in with the doll house theme.

The varnish itself goes on very matte and powdery. It is incredibly fast drying so it is good for doing your nails in a short space of time. However, I'm not overly fond of the matte effect as it just doesn't feel right on my nails. The paper doll shade in in particular, has the same effect as painting your nails in Tip Ex. A good top coat does give some shine, and makes the nails look beautiful. I used Topshop's top and base coat for the top coat and I used Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure for the base as it really smoothed out my nails. 

One of the biggest downside of the polish is that they chip very easily. Within hours of putting on, chips had appeared. 

The overall effect though is gorgeous, and I absolutely love the look of my nails with each colour. You can see below how they come out. It really is the perfect look for spring.

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