Friday, 23 May 2014

London Adventures

I spent the last few days on a trip to London. I had such a great time shopping as well as playing the tourist. It's always good to spend a few days break in London.

As a tourist I visited the British Museum which was a bit too vast for me to get round in one morning. It was great to see so many ancient artefacts, but it was a bit hard going. I also visited 221b Baker Street for the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which was done up like the type of Victorian accommodation Sherlock Holmes would have lived at. I followed that with a trip to Madame Tussauds which is always interesting, but it ended up being a lot of money for only spending 20 minutes in there.

The most exciting thing I did over the few days was see a West End play. I saw Jeeves and Wooster starring Robert Webb and Mark Heap. It was so hilarious and played brilliantly by all three cast members. The premise was that Bertie Wooster was performing his own play about a misunderstanding in his own life. I thought it was brilliantly done and I'm very glad to have seen it.

I shopped mostly along Oxford Street and a little bit on Carnaby Street, with the intention of going in shops we don't have up here in Nottingham. That didn't really work out, as I ended up in Urban Outfitters and TopShop, as well and the Benefit and Bobbi Brown counters in John Lewis. I did go to Forever 21 for the first time though and once again found myself in Japan Centre for some tasty goods.

From Urban Outfitters I bought a really cute watch as well as a very delicious smelling candle. The watch I thought was particularly cool as the design is a compass. I bought it because I lost my watch before I left and it turns out I can't live without one!

From John Lewis I finally bought the Gimme Brow in light which makes my brows look much neater and just generally amazing. From Bobbi Brown I was looking for a lipstick. I don't really wear colour on my lips and wanted to give it a go. The assistant helped me look at a few, and because I'm not used to colour we went for one that wasn't too far from my natural shade. I ended with a sheer lipstick in tutu and I have to say it really is my shade. I absolutely love the colour and I can hardly tell that it's there. But it's thick enough that it covers up the imperfections on my lips.

From Forever 21 I bought the cutest pyjamas. I absolutely love these. Unfortunately, I can't find them on their site to link. I also bought this lovely necklace (which I also couldn't find) which I thought would go great to go with my white shirt. I also picked up these very cute ear studs.

Next I bought snacks from Japan Centre. I always make sure to pick up some delicious snacks and I could not pass on the bread shaped like Totoro. I also bought some Soy Sauce flavoured Rice Crackers, instant Miso Soup and strawberry flavoured Hello Panda.

Finally I dropped into Choccy-Woccy-Doo-Dah to take a look and left with these delicious treats. These are dark chocolate mendiarits with cinnamon.

I'll leave you with a selfie of me in my hotel room.

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