Saturday, 6 December 2014

November Favourites

The dark nights and a busy schedule have been working against me and my blogging. The window for taking pictures is very limited, especially with having a full time job, so as you can see it's all meant I've been quite quiet here.

But November has been a busy month in itself. One of the best moments was spending a day down in London, where I went shopping along Oxford Street and had my first make-up course at Illamasqua, which was a really great experience. It was also the month of my birthday, but only small celebrations were had. I did go out for tapas, which I always find delicious (calamari anyone?).

There was also a lot of other great things in November:

Favourite Beauty

In the October Birch Box I received this Pixi lip balm and I have not stopped using it since. It's made using shea butter, so it feels so soft and smooth on my lips. It also gives a little bit of colour to my lips. It's great for the cold days. I'm sure I shall be using it all winter.

I have also renewed my love for the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. Now it is colder, I can wear it without it slipping off my face during the day. I really love the foundation. The shade works well with my skin, and I love the look it creates.

Favourite Skincare

Molton Brown hand creams were another product I discovered through Birch Box. I just had to buy a full size. They're a bit pricey at £10, but they are so worth it. They're not sticky at all, and sink in easily to the skin. This one in rhubarb and rose, smells absolutely delicious.

I have also been using the No.7 eye make-up remover. What really caught my eye about this was how it is two-toned. You shake it up to mix the clear and blue liquids, and then use it from there. My eyes are quite sensitive, but this doesn't irritate them at all and gets rid of all my eye-make-up, including tough mascara!

Favourite Book

November is my birthday month, and my sister got me the Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes book as a gift. I generally don't use much on my eyes, so it's a nifty little book to help me with making my eyes look great. There's quite a lot about glasses, which I don't wear (I wish I did), but there is enough of other great stuff that it's a very useful book.

Favourite Television

This month I have been loving The Apprentice. It is one of my reality TV guilty pleasures, but it is a lot of fun to watch. There's been so many spats this year, and a number of happenings I've been annoyed at. Now we've got quite far through, I'm rooting for Solomon (possibly because he's good, looking but he is a good candidate too) and Katie (because she's brilliant).

Favourite Music

I'll admit it, I have been listening to lots of Tinie Tempah again.

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