Friday, 13 June 2014

Steam Cream

I bought Steam Cream on a whim. As usual, I was suckered in by the cute packaging, so I just had to try it. But this is a bit different to other creams in the market, as it is made using steam. I don't know all the details, but their website states that all the natural ingredients are fused together using steam, and this makes for a lighter and more absorbent cream. It sounds exciting!

I have been using the cream for the past few weeks and I am liking it so far. I use it as a night cream for my face, but it is versatile enough to use anywhere. After about three weeks, I am still using the product off the lid of the tin, so this really does last.

I really love how light the cream is on my skin. I don't find it sticky or anything like that, I find it rubs in really well and feels really good on the skin.

The one thing that is a off-putting for me is the smell. It is a natural, creamy smell, but for me it is too strong and not a scent I like.

Like I said, it was the packaging that drew me to it. There are so many different styles of tin. I got mine in Ume Ni Uguisu, as it's so pretty. The tin is even reusable for trinkets afterwards.

The test for me is whether I would repurchase it again. I think I would buy this again. It makes a great addition to my bedside table.

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