Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Favourites

Whoah, I can't believe it's time again to write another favourites post. June has passed by so quickly.

It's been a good month. The weather has been gorgeous, which has meant the barbecues have come out and I've taken long strolls along the canal. It's been beautiful. There was even a lovely moment this month where we took a projector outside one evening and watched Frozen in the garden.

In June I tried out some new restaurants that opened in Nottingham, and I even had a night out at a casino. I'm really not a casino-person, and only really stayed for learning how to play roulette and blackjack. It was a really fun night though.

I'm hoping for July to be a further wonderful month. I have a lot planned, and I don't actually think I have a Saturday free. I'm definitely working towards making this an excellent summer.

But before we jump into July here is what I loved about June.

Favourite make-up

This month I have particularly been loving Benefit's Watt's Up. It is a beautiful highlighter and I love using it on my cheekbones every morning to give me a gorgeous glow. I think it looks great when it catches the light and it really brightens up my face. I absolutely love it. I may do a full post on it sometime soon.

Favourite skincare

In June I've really defined my skincare, and tried to get down to a really effective routine. I have been using the steam cream ever since I bought it. I wrote about it here. I just love how it easily it sinks into the skin and how soft it makes my face feel. It's quickly become a staple of my regime. It's helps that the packaging is so pretty too!

Favourite film

I didn't watch many films this month but I did enjoy The Way, Way Back. It stars Steve Carell, Toni Collette and Sam Rockwell. It's a typical coming of age film about a reclusive boy who's mum is dating a man he doesn't get along with. He is taken of holiday with them for the summer, but ends up meeting someone changing his world. I love Sam Rockwell, but the best thing about the film was seeing Steve Carell in a much darker role than the ones he usually plays.

Favourite Television

The television I have been enjoying this month is Mr. Sloane. Set in the 60's, it is about a struggling man who has separated from his wife, been fired from his job but gets a new spark into his life when he meets a young American. Alongside Nick Frost, it starts Peter Serafinowicz and the always wonderful Olivia Coleman (anyone who watched Horrible Histories will also recognise Lawry Lewin). It's been a very enjoyable comedy. Great for a Friday night.

Favourite music

The other month I saw Imelda May on the Graham Norton Show, and I really loved the performance. Ever since I have been listening to her. I particularly love this song. It's a great one to get dancing to.

What have you loved this month?

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