Friday, 18 April 2014

My Tea Stash

It's no secret that I love tea. I mean, don't just love it, I looove it. So I thought I'd take you through some of the delicious teas I have in my cupboard

Most drank

1 - Tesco Finest Earl Grey Leaf Tea // 2 - Twinings Everydat Tea // 3 - Twinings Awake Tea

Twinings Eveyday is, as the name suggests, the tea I drink everyday without fail. I find it is the best of all the everyday teas. The Awake one is a new addition to my tea stash. It is a really great tea to start the day with. It is blended with ginseng, ginger and rooibos, so it is caffeine free which is an added bonus! And the Early Grey? That's a classic staple of my cupboard. It's also loose tea, so I get to use my cute house shaped infuser.

Summer Teas

1 - Twinings Mango and Lychee Green Tea // 2 - Twinings Mixed Berries Selection // 3 - Whittard Lychee and Mango Instant Tea

It might be apparent here that I love mango and lychees. Lychees are quite possibly my favourite fruit, though I haven't been able to find them at the supermarket for a while. The Whittard tea is incredibly sweet but it makes an excellent summer tea. The berries selection includes five pouches of five delicious fruit teas, of which only one of the flavours include mango!

Calm teas

1 - Twining Moment of calm selection // 2 - Twinings Christmas Tea // 3 - Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Tea

Tea is great for keeping you calm. I like to drink the Sleep Easy tea before I go to bed, and it really does give me a good nights sleep. The Moments of Calm Selection is great for winding down too. I particularly love the cinnamon and apple falvour which is incredibly delicious. I have one pouch left which I am reluctant to drink, as then it'll all be gone, which is the same for the Christmas tea. I don't even know if that's available any more!

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