Sunday, 27 April 2014

Birch Box - April 2014

Yesterday I finally received April's Birch Box. Because the March one was so good, I was excited to see what little surprises April's would bring me. It is fast becoming a favourite part of the month. I love finding new things that I wouldn't have considered purchasing at all otherwise. It is great for trying out new products. And this month in no exception. There were some great items in the box.

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes: I'm saving these for when I go away this year, as it is just the perfect size pack away with me.They look great, and with them being cucumber,it means they will be extra refreshing. I'm looking forward to trying these out.

Thebalm 'How 'bout Them Apples?' Cheek and Lip Cream: I absolutely love this product. The palette I received came in the shade 'Pie', and it is just the right size to keep in my bag to be able to top-up on the go. It is very creamy and goes on lovely. And first I thought the shade would be too bright on my lips and cheek, but it enhances them perfectly. A added bonus is the cheeky packaging. I'm definitely considering a full size of this one.

Campos De Ibiza Almond Body Milk: This smells absolutely delicious and it is in a really great sample size. Unfortunately, the big down to this product is that it is full of parabens. The ingredients lists five, so it has made me reluctant to use it. I'm not sure whether I'll try this one or not.

Colour Club Nail Polish: I received mine in the colour Heirloom Pearls, which is such a beautiful shade. It's a lovely pearl colour which paints on opaquely. It has a beautiful shimmer to it. I'm looking forward to using this one throughout the summer.

Lord & Berry Eye Pencil: To me, this product is what it is. It's a pencil. I'm not sure I could justify spending £10 on a pencil which I could get a similar quality for a much cheaper price, especially when I don't use eye pencils that often. It is nice to have a little extra one handy though.

Proper Corn: This is a healthy alternative snack. The flavour of this is Sweet Coconut and Vanilla. What a delicious sounding flavour combination. I cannot wait to try this!

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