Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bobbi Brown correcter and concealer

Last Friday I decided to visit the make-up counters at my local House Of Fraser. To be honest, I was looking to try some Benefit products, as I've heard great things, but seeing as no one was there, I moved on and stopped at the Bobbi Brown counter. One thing I have been looking to buy for a while is a really good under eye concealer. I've been buying high street products but none of them have really worked the way I want. Being at work all day means that I want something that lasts.

The assistant at the Bobbi Brown counter was incredibly helpful. She gave me so many tips on how to apply it. It was such a refreshing change to have some good customer service. We went through a few shades until we found my perfect shades in both corrector and concealer.

I ended up buying the correcter in 'light peach', pairing it with the Creamy Concealer Kit in 'Sand'.

It is very creamy and glides on lovely. My eyes are really brightened and the dark circles minimised. I really love the way it looks and covers up my under eyes. 

Overall I'm really happy with my purchase. I love it and it's fit great into my daily routine.

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