Friday, 5 September 2014

Primer vs. Primer

A couple of months ago, I got accosted by a lady from the Benefit counter, who offered me an impromptu make-over. It was here that I discovered some of my favourite products.

One of these was the Benefit Porefessional. I fell in love with it straight away. It mattifies, smooths and blurs my face; everything I want it to do. I love the consistency of the product, as it just glides on so easily. It seems perfect. Unfortunately, it does have one, quite big, downside, and that is the price. At £24.50, it may not be feasible to purchase it every few months.

Because of this I have been out looking for a possible dupe. One which is much kinder on my bank balance. I like really into primers which blur. Because I've got oily skin and large pores, they suit me the most.

One that I have tried is the L'oreal Blur Cream. As soon as I used the product I was a bit dubious. It just sort of spluttered out of the tube. I'm not sure if I just a had a dud tube, or if it just does that anyway. Needless to say, that didn't impress me. The cream itself is light and smooths easily onto the skin, but it doesn't have that mattifying texture, which is something I'm looking for. It's certainly not a bad product, but it doesn't have the effect I desire. Though at £9.99. I shouldn't grumble.

The most recent addition to my collection in The Body Shop Instablur. And I do like this one, a lot. It was a little a bit of a surprise at first, as the product is clear and looks a little gel-like. Despite this, it actually has a nice texture on the skin. It blurs my pores and imperfections, and, importantly, it is mattifying. I think it is certainly a contender for my favourite primer, and at £14, it's a much more justifiable.

What is your favourite primer?

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