Friday, 22 August 2014

Summer In The City

You may not know this, but I live in Nottingham.

For the past few years, Nottingham has had it's own beach created in the centre of the Market Square. At the beginning of the school summer holidays it pops up, and is down again by the time everyone goes back to school. They call it the Nottingham Riviera. everyone in Nottingham calls it the beach.

When I say the beach, I really mean the beach. They essentially create a giant sandpit in the middle of the square, complete with a pool to act as the sea. Not only that, but it is just like the seaside. They have rides, hook-a-ducks, burger bars and even a bar.

Sadly this year, the rides are much more centred towards small children. There was one year which had giant swings which was brilliant. The best thing they have this year is a pirate ship (and I have been on it, excitedly).

It doesn't look very busy in these pictures, but that's because I took them at 5.30pm. That's the best time to go. Earlier in the day, especially when it's warm, it gets packed. It really is that popular.

The Nottingham Riviera is just one of the many reasons I love the city I'm from.

Is there anything like this where you live?

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