Wednesday, 16 July 2014

July Birch Box

It's time for another Birch Box! The theme for July is Sun, Sea & Sand, and the Birch Box team are helping for a summer away by suggesting products for taking away on holiday.

This is most is not the best box I've received, and it's quite hit and miss if I'm honest. It was always going to be hard to keep up the level of the last one. I am however, looking forward to using a couple of products in this box.

So here is what I received:

Benefit Porefessional - I was disappointed that this appeared in my box to be honest. Now I love the Porefessional, it is one of my favourite products and I use it daily; and that is the exact reason I was disappointed. For me Birch Box is about finding new products to love. I'm sure for anyone who has never used the Porefessional then it will be a great surprise as the product is great. I guess it means it will keep me going a little longer.

Whish Body Butter - This is in a lovely subtle lavender scent. I've used it once but it doesn't seemed to have lasted very long. I love the scent and it sinks into the skin beautifully. However, it did seem to leave my skin slightly sticky. Not one I am bothered about purchasing in the future.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - Now this is one I am looking forward to using as it sounds so good and couldn't turn up at a better time. I have been looking for a good eye cream now that I have finished my Bobbi Brown sample.It's light on the skin and doesn't make my skin sting which is always a bonus. It says it brightens the eye area and keeps wrinkles at bay, so I have high hopes for this.

Laqa & Co Lip Lube pencil - So after I'd stopped giggling at the name, I could assess this one. I got mine in the colour Menatour which is a very purple shade. I'm not sure I'd ever wear this out in public for that reason... I know it's a trend for this season, and purple is my favourite colour, but it's just not so keen with it on my lips. I'm very much a neutral gal so it' not really my shade. It does feel really nice on the lips though, so we'll see. I could change my mind! It won't be the first time.

Models Own Nail Polish - This one came in the shade Magenta Divine which is a pink glitter shade, and if there is one thing I don't like it's glitter. I think I just have memories of it getting everywhere and having glitter all over my face. Glitter polish itself reminds me of being 14 and getting this type of polish free with magazines. I don't think I'll wear this one at all as it's really not me. I'm more likely to give it away to my niece.

Finally, the lifestyle extra is the Filosofille 4-sided nail buffer, which looks so cute!It doesn't seem very sturdy but does look like it'll get the job done. It's a nice little extra thins month. These things always come in handy.

Which product do you like the look of?

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