Friday, 25 July 2014

Camp Kit

I am going camping for a week soon, and it is important to me to keep my skincare routine up. The trip I'm going on is most certainly not glamping. Although it won't be completely roughing it, I don't know what the facilities will be like.

To help anyone else in this position, I have put together a few ideas of the sorts of things I take on camping trips.

-The Face-

The important part for my face is keeping it clean from all the dirt and impurities that have built up during the day. If we're honest, the facilities aren't always great, so I've tried to find a routine that will combat that. I always take face wipes as these are great as a quick fix to get the initial dirt of my face. I love these Yes To wipes as they are thick and gentle on the skin. The Liz Earle Hot Cleanser is brilliant for a camp as it all it takes is some hot water and a cloth and your face feels great. As I'm going on a week long camp I'm taking a big bottle of cleanser that I can use in the same way. Cotton wool pads are brilliant to use. Finally I use moisturiser and eye cream to really take care of my skin.

-The Make-Up-

As you can see, I keep my make-up very minimal, and I only really use it if we're going out into civilisation. I use the Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector and the Collection Long Lasting Concealers as my dark circles and blemishes are the areas I'm most concious about, so I like to try and cover these up. I find this to be a great combination. I only use them on areas that need it. If I'm feeling bold I will use some mascara, but mostly I don't bother. I will always use lip balm however, as being in the great outdoors isn't the best for my lips. I love the Carmex lip balms as they work well for me.

-The Hair-

If you are lucky to have showers at your campsite, then keeping your hair and body clean is a must. I use general shampoo and conditioner. Normally, whatever good travel sizes I can find. I also use something that can help my curls look decent in between washes, and this Aussie Curl Definition Serum is brilliant. If you don't have showers or are not washing your hair for a few days, then dry shampoo is the best thing ever, as it keeps your hair looking fresh for days. I use the Batiste Dry Shampoo. It's the only one I've used, but it works for me so I keep going back!

-The Body-

Ahe deodorant is a must as who wants to be smelly on camp! I use a stick deodorant as it's the easiest and I really like this Nivea Invisible. The body wash is just a cheap one I bought from Primark, but it does the job, and that's the main thing. If I  am going away for a long time in the summer then I will want to shave my legs. I use a disposable razor and a travel size shave gel. To lock in the moisture after shaving I use a body lotion or milk. There are two pictured here as I couldn't decide which one to take!

-The Rest-

Obviously a tooth brush and tooth paste is important. I saw this travel toothbrush in Boots, and I love it as it folds away being compact and protecting the head. Another important thing is Sun cream. I use face and body sun cream. This Boots Soltan Once sun cream is fantastic as it lasts 8 hours! I use the La Roche-Posay Anthelios cream for my face which works great, and doesn't leave my face sticky. Hand cream is important as being outdoors all day can really dry your hands. The L'Occitane hand creams are my favourites. One important thing to take is hand santitiser, as it's a quick way to keep your hands fresh and stop any cross-contamination. Finally, there are two other good things to take which aren't pictured as I bought them afterwards. Bug spray is brilliant as no one wants to be eaten alive, and I always make sure I take painkillers just in case a end up with a headache.

Is there anything extra you would take?

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