Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I haven't been on a holiday in so long, so I decided to take a few days off and fly to Stockholm. After the extra stresses of work it was great to spend some time relaxing and taking in some beautiful sights.

The city is absolutely gorgeous. It's so clean and fresh! The buildings were all colourful which is something that isn't generally seen in Britain. The architecture is amazing. I really did fall in love with the city.

I spent all my time doing very touristy things, including visiting lots of museums and having guided tours on a boat.

However the best of the guided tours was the free tour of Stockholm. It was a really funny tour which gave a great view of the city and it's history.

The best museum was the Vasa Museum. The entire museum is a shipwreck, The Vasa sank before it'd even started it's maiden voyage in the 17th Century. It's amazing how intact it was.

I had a fantastic time in Stockholm walking around the old town and seeing the animals at the The Open-Air Museum. It's definitely a place that should be visited, and maybe one day I'll go again.

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